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Fuel Adjustment Charges

Note that the FAC is updated on a monthly basis.  All monthly KWH charges shall be increased or decreased by an amount equal to "x" cents per KWH based on the following formula:   "X"  =  (FC  x  $.09) - $.29                                                      
FC  =  Highest purchase cost, in dollars per gallon, of the diesel fuel delivered on the previous month and applied on the current month's kwh.                
The Fuel Adjustment Charge shall be rounded to the nearest 1/100th of a cent.    
FAC FOR JUNE 2018 BILLS, sent out on JULY 2018 is: $0.0296

Note: The basis for FAC is changed effective February 1, 2011 as per Board resolution approved January 28, 2011. Instead of average fuel cost per gallon, its changed to highest purchase cost of the previous month to be applied for the current FAC Rate computation.
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