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Sudden Island wide Outages
Sudden power outages can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some common causes are: storms, strong wind, rain, and lightning. These can cause an island wide outages. Falling tree limbs, damage to equipment by car accidents, animals or digging equipment can also cause power outages.
Scheduled Outages
KUA's electrical equipment requires periodic maintenance in order to provide you with reliable electric service. To perform this maintenance, we must often turn the power off so that our crews can work safely. When such an outage is scheduled in your area, we will always give you as much notice as possible.
Reporting an Outage
To report an outage call the 24-hour emergency line at (691) 370-3036 they will contact the people responsible. We will immediately log your power outage and make every effort to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. All customers who experience power outages are encouraged to contact KUA. During severe weather events, it becomes increasingly important for customers to contact us since there may be multiple causes of an outage at several points in the system affecting an individual customer.
Reporting a Downed Power Line
If you spot an electrical danger, call for help immediately at (671) 370-3036 .
Keep others away until help arrives. Never touch a power line or anything touching a power line, such as tree limbs, a car door, etc. Even power lines that have fallen may be dangerous and should not be moved or disturbed.
It is recommended for you the user to purchase a standard surge protector from your local hardware store. This will help to even-out sudden peaks of electricity in the supply and reduce the chances of damage to sensitive electronic equipment which will cost you more to replace.
What are surges?
Electricity comes into your home from a wiring system that starts at the power plant some distance away. Different appliances in your home need larger or smaller amounts of electric power. Things that get hot (electric showers, toasters, and stoves) need large currents that supply a lot of power at once, whereas electric equipment (CD players, televisions, and so on) need smaller currents and less power. All these appliances assume that the electricity coming into your home has a certain voltage. But sometimes the voltage fluctuates because of sudden changes in the way power is supplied to your home from the grid. Or it can happen if someone switches on an appliance with a powerful electric motor inside it (such as a drill, a vacuum cleaner, or an electric lawn mower), it can cause a sudden surge or drop in power in the whole circuit in your home. A very brief change in voltage is called a spike. A longer-lasting change is called a surge. A spike or surge won't affect other big appliances, but it could harm tiny components in sensitive electronic equipment. What is needed is something that smoothes out any peaks in the voltage—and that's what surge protectors do.

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