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We strive to answer all possible questions that you may have, listed below are some FAQ.

1.   Q. Do you accept Check payments?
     A. Yes we do, but check has to be payable to KUA only

2.    Q. What if my check bounced?
     A. You will be charged a fee of $50.00 plus the check amount.

3.    Q. Do you offer discounts?
     A. No, please read the Tariff rates for rate and changes.

4.    Q. Can we pay for the whole year?
     A. Yes it can be arranged, come to the main office and submit your concern or request, you can even call 3703344/3799

5.    Q. Can we pay online, and what methods do you accept?
     A. Yes we accept major credit cards and Paypal, see cash power..

6.    Q. Can we purchase Cash Power Online?
     A. Yes, please click here.

7.    Q. Whom do we call for electric problems?
     A. Please call the main office at 691-370-3344, after hours at 370-3036/2028

8.    Q. Can we refund purchased Cash Power?
     A. It is your responsibility to check your receipt before leaving KUA Premises, as after you leave there is no refund. Call management - 691-370-3799 for more information.

9.    Q. What is Cash Power?
     A. Cash Power is pre-paid power.

10.  Q. Can others use the Cash Power I bought?
     A. No, this is not a possibility as each meter has a unique number.

11.  Q. Can I pay my billing online for regular meter other than Cashpower?
     A. Yes just use the same procedure as purchasing Cashpower here but during the process of inputting your information, make sure to notify us that this is for your regular billing instead of CashPower.

12.  Q. What is Facility Charges?
     A. This is a charge to any customers that are not using their power on a regular basis. If you fail to use your power for over 2 months, then a facility charge of $15 will be automatically charged to your account per month there after.

13.  Q. How much do you charge per kilowatt?
     A. See tariff Rates schedule and Fuel Adjustment Charges here

14.  Q. What do I do when my Meter is not working properly or I noticed that I have zero but I am still getting power?
     A. You need to contact KUA ASAP, call 370-3344/3799 or after hours at 3703036/2028. If you fail to do this you will be fined $750.00 plus all the kilowatts used since the issue happened.

15.  Q. When I purchase Cashpower online during the weekend or public holidays, when can I get my token cashpower number?
     A. Only at 6pm onwards can you get your token cashpower number, as it is not an automatic process but needs the staff to come in and vend for you at the end of the day.

P. O. Box KUA    KOSRAE, FM 96944
Telephone: (691) 370-3799/3344
Fax: (691) 370-3798      email: kua.billing@gmail.com

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