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KUA is governed by a five-member board. The Board is appointed to three-year terms by the Governor. The Board has responsibility for all aspects of the Kosrae Utilities Authority. However, since it is an authority created by the State KUA Board members and management maintain a close working relationship with the State Government and present proposed changes in tariffs to the Governor and State Legislature prior to implementation.
See Kosrae State Code for more information at http://www.fsmlaw.org/kosrae/code/title07/t07p01c12.htm

Kosrae Utilities Authority values and guiding principles for achieving the vision will include the following:
Common Good
KUA decisions and actions will be carried out with a commitment to be for the common good of KUA customers and residents of the State of Kosrae.
Customer Satisfaction
KUA will provide the best possible service for the customers with the resources available.
Outstanding Employees
KUA will strive to empower a diverse workforce committed to excellence, professionalism, integrity, and quality work.
Effective Management
KUA will embrace a management philosophy that promotes customer satisfaction, fosters teamwork, incorporates factual information, focuses on results and requires accountability at all levels.
Balanced Decisions
KUA will integrate ethical social, environmental, technological and economic considerations in decision making.
Productive Partnerships
KUA will collaborate with customers, government and private organizations and vendors to work toward common goals.
Customer Involvement
KUA will provide opportunities for customer input into the decisions and actions of KUA.
Shared Capabilities
KUA will share safety and conservation technical expertise with KUA customers and the Kosrae public and such other resources that may be shared without causing a burden on the customers of KUA.
Innovative Technologies
KUA will incorporate cost effective technologies and work practices in KUA’s products and services.
Fair Financial Return
KUA will operate financially accountable to the customers and maintain electric rates as low as possible that provide a fair financial return for services rendered to assure that KUA is financially stable.

P. O. Box KUA    KOSRAE, FM 96944
Telephone: (691) 370-3799/3344
Fax: (691) 370-3798      email: kua.billing@gmail.com

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