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Kosrae Utilities Authority
Tofol, Kosrae
OPENING DATE: 02-08-2012                                                         
CLOSING DATE: Until Filled
Position:  Comptroller
Location: Kosrae Utilities Authority
Salary: Depending on Qualifications & Educational Background

General Information:
This position reports directly to the Assistant Manager and General Manager. The Comptroller will develop and maintain the Authority’ s Accounts; accounting procedures, billing procedures and records, collection of revenues, analysis of costs and preparations of financial reports, all in accordance with GAAP’s (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Utility Authorities).

Directly or thru delegations to subordinates, plans, organizes staff, direct and coordinate  all accounting activities of the Authority including establishing accounting policies and practices, and the conduct of work in a manner consistent with policies. Provides for billing of customers for electric services, the proper maintenance of accounts receivable and collection of all revenues due to the Authority. Provides for audit and payment of vendor’s and contractor’s invoices for materials services rendered to the Authority. Establishes and directs procedures for maintenance of timekeeping records for Authority employees; the preparations of payrolls and the distribution of paychecks, and the application of the Authority ‘s policies with regard to expense accounts. Establishes and apply proper and timely accounting procedures for materials and supplies used and for charges and credits to work orders.
Monitors all financial interests of the Authority and recommends to Management investments and sales bonds. Establishes and maintains a set of books for the Authority consisting of the Authority’s general ledger, subsidiary ledgers; prepare financials statements and reports; interpret results of such financial reports to the AGM, GM and the Board. Coordinates all budgetary processes for the Authority for review of the AGM & GM, defends that budget with the management where appropriates, reports expenditures of the Authority according to an approved budget, calls special attentions to surplus or deficit periodically. Coordinates with firms of independent public auditors retained by the Board to conduct periodic audits. Establish  systems ensuring proper control and proper documentations of expenses of the Authority; ensure audit trails against the Authority’s  account and financial system. Ensures highest security for computer information, not limited to payroll, financial reports, etc., making it a requirement to store back up copies (offsite) Ensures a systematic control and accountability of assets.

Qualification Requirements:
A highly thorough knowledge of accounting and auditing principles, practice and procedures related to the electrical utility industry;
Outstanding ability to develop sound, practical and modern utility accounting procedures  and to plan and organize the accounting activities in such a manner.
Strong ability to induce effective performance by the Authority’s accounting employees and to maintain their work morale, training and development at a high level.
Strong ability to prepare clean and comprehensive financial and budgetary reports in accordance with GAAP’s.
Strong command of mathematics and calculations.
Must have strong experiences at supervisory levels; plus high level of education with a four year degree in accounting or business from an accredited college, strong command of written and spoken English, neat and highly presentable and of excellent manners.

Application forms can be obtained from the Kosrae Utilities Authority  Office during the normal working hours from 08:00 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.
Please call KUA @ 370-3344 / 3799 should there be any questions or visit KUA for any information.

Kosrae Utilities Authority

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