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Kosrae Utilities
Kosrae Utilities Authority provides safe, reliable, high quality electric and other utility services at rates that provide good value for the benefit received to all customers, and promotes a good quality of life in Kosrae
Kosrae Utilities Authority is committed to serve the residents of Kosrae by providing utility services that meet the needs of the customers and to do so in an efficient, fair, quality and friendly manner.

News & Projects
KUA Highlights
Dr. Herb Wade conducted a 1 week workshop at the KUA Conference room. The workshop was on the Maintenance & Operation of Solar PV off-grid, grid connected and renewable energy storage systems. It was attended by various KUA Staff, and various staff from the Government and NGO sector. This was funded by the World Bank through Pacific Power Association (PPA).
Date September 3rd - 6th 2018.
CashPower Upgrade
Mr. Mark Candy from Adriley (New Zealand) Visited Kosrae for a two week Upgrading of Suprima Cashpower to Version 5 with the Supreasy scratch card capibility. Sept 3-14th 2018.

KUA Manager Mr. Fred Skilling Quarterly Report.

We are pleased to sustain power services to the island without major interruptions after engines problems experienced during the first week of April. The engine problems were fixed which had restored power services to the island.  The Power Plant Operators have been closely monitoring and doing their regular routine schedules to check the units to make sure they are in good running condition.

The installation of public street lights and customers Yard lights have continued during the 3rd. qrt. 2018. The customers listing for yard lights were visited and assessed and installation continued for those customers that already prepared the poles and site for the lights. A total of 200 street lights were installed to the four municipalities and 31 yardlights installed already to customers.

The tree trimming and cutting activities on the primary lines were initiated and undertaken with collaboration efforts by DT&I, KUA, FSM Telecom and the Mayors from the four municipalities. These are the main stakeholders that agreed to start clearing the main road for safety and to assist with the clearing needs of the existing infrastructure. These activities had started from Tafunsak and will continue to Utwe Municipality and work schedules are Tuesday and Thursday of each week if no urgent issues that may disrupt the set schedules.

The internal preparation for the Suprima 5 billing software upgrades has continued during the period with working activities of enclosing of the air-condition space for the installed equipments and back up facility, installation of 4 phone cables and air-condition and worked with BMC, Pohnpei for the required hardware to be used. The Technicians from Arthur D. Riley are scheduled to be in Kosrae in late August, 2018 to program the upgrade system and making sure it's functioning before utilizing the system. We expect to complete all these requirements at the end of August and start using the upgraded system in September 2018.

The management and staff conducted public awareness to the four municipalities during the quarter to refresh the customers concerning KUA service policies for service orders and other common complaints that customers have regarding the operation and services rendered to customers. Common issues addressed by the attendants were Tree trimming needs, restoring lines at Farm Roads, utilizing solar power for remote residential houses, house wiring, new payment system for Cash Power, refunds for delayed work orders, Yard lights allocation to each municipality, delayed repairs of yard lights, drop-lines procedures and cost, status of new Power Plant, running conductors above houses, removing debris after tree clearing, needs for service poles, cost of poles/hardware damages during accident, power rates, policies on Cash Power payments, St./yd. lights designated location, trees clearance w/out permission, damaged appliances and equipments, safety equipments used by KUA linemen, hazardous policies and policies on work orders.


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