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KUA Management & Board wishes all a Prosperous 2017
Mr. Hiroyuki Kimura - Chief Specialist for Toshiba is on island for preparation readiness for the start of the Project for the Power sector improvement for the State of Kosrae. 

General Manager Fred N. Skilling and Operations Manager Robert Taualupe with the new successful Contractor NBK Corporation in Tokyo Japan.
New Proposed Power Plant

Signing of Service Contract between KUA Manager Fred Skilling and Consultant Chief Executive Engineer Mr. Mitsuhisa Nishikawa from the Yachiyo Engineering Co. Ltd, Japan. 

Power System Improvement Project funded by JICA. The following are the projects included in this Agreement;

1. New Power Plant and Substation,
2. Two 600kw Generators,
3. Lelu island distribution upgrade and renovation, and
4. Okat underground cable installation.


Congratulations to Mr. Hairom Livaie for securing the job as KUA's new Customer Services Support Supervisor, Management welcomes you aboard. 
Mr. Hairom started on May 16 2016, and will be responsible for the following duties;

·         Oversees the entire customer service operation,
·         preparing operation reports on customer service activities,
·         handling customer service request and inquiries,
·         implement and explain appropriate policies regarding billings, customers credits and deposits,
·         reconciles account receivables, prepares trial balance summaries, recap sheets, processing monthly billings,
·         monitoring meter readings and seek possible solutions to any identified problems,
·         preparing and processing service orders for customers;
·         Assisting in implementing and managing energy conservation programs and projects,
·         seek technical and financial assistance for energy conservation, renewable energy projects and other priority projects for KUA,
·         undertake energy auditing for both private and government sectors,
·         developing and coordinates training programs for KUA employees, provide public education program on energy conservation,  safety measures, utility rates and procedures;


Mr. Kashima Une's  Meter Repair Training Visit

Swearing in ceremony for New KUA Board members and first ever Kosraen Attorney General held at the Governors conference room October 22, 2015
New KUA board members are Mr. Lipar George, and Mr. Isao Mike, along with Attorney General The Honorable Jeffrey Tilfas.
Energy Awareness Program outreach to senior citizens of Kosrae by Tolenna Joe
KUA staff along with Manager Fred Skilling visited Lelu, Malem, & Utwe senior citizens doing an outreach program to educate customers in how to conserve and be more efficient with the use of their energy at home.
German Cruiseliner's MS Bremen visit to Kosrae

Kosrae "Rockhopper" Adventure Trail Run 2015
The 3rd annual "Kosrae Rockhopper Adventure Trail Run 2015" was held in Kosrae at 7am on October 12, 2015.
c  o  p  y  r  i  g  h  t   @  T  a  t  s  u  r  o   M  u  r  a  y  a  m  a 

JICA representatives visits Kosrae for Final Survey
KUA Management welcomes three visitors from Japan who arrived last Monday Oct 9, 2015. From the Yachiyo Engineering Company, Mr. Takayuki Miyamoto (electric power system section) and Mr. Mitsuhisa Nishikawa (Chief Executive Engineer) are here with Ms. Maeda Yukiko (assistant director) from JICA. They are here for the final survey of the JICA’s Power improvement project.
Substance of the ammended Agreement between KUA, Kosrae State and JICA
JICA to provide new Power Plant with Two (2) units of 600 KW Power Generators @ 13.8 KV rating.
JICA to provide new Indoor Substation (13.8 KV, Direct Feed)
JICA to provide Two (2) sets of Underground 13.8 KV Power Cables at OKAT Industrial area.
JICA to Rehabilitate the Power Distribution System at Lelu Island. (Replacement of Poles, Hardware, Lines and Transformers)

               Mr. Takayuki Miyamoto                          Ms Maeda Yukiko                              Mr. Mitsuhisa Nishikawa

On October 2nd 2015, KUA Management and staff held its general meeting at the main office tofol with some food and a word from Manager Fred on all KUA’s new and upcoming projects, financial matters, and a few words of encouragement to all staff members. It was also a day to celebrate the successful completion of 2015 financial year, and to welcome our 5 tree trimmers namely Kun Killin, Samson Jim, Tedrick Joseph, Seymour William, and Kim Asher who are now permanently hired, and to welcome back our two retired lineman Mr. Cayler Nena, and Mr. Martin Jesse to cover and handle customers problems with their power lines and other electrical matters, and finally to say say goodbye to one of KUA’s staff, our own Cashier Mrs. Marlyn Skilling, who will be leaving us to accompany husband to Pohnpei.


Kosrae Visitors Bureau (KVB) Annual Tourism Stakeholders Meeting
Update Report by Grant Ismael, September 28, 2015
1st Time in History – Two cruises to visit Kosrae in one year
For the first time in Kosrae tourism history, there are two cruise ships planning to visit Kosrae in the same year on October 14, 2015 and December 01, 2015 respectively. The PATA Micronesia Chapter subcommittee called the Micronesia Cruise Association (MCA) which KVB is a member had been working hard for the region and finally fruits of the labor is paying off. The first ship is from Germany, please see Visit Plan report below for details. As for the second ship, it is the Silver Sea Discoverer luxury lines which will start from Samoa and end at Solomon Island with one stop on Kosrae on December 1, 2015 at 7AM to 5PM. This is a 120 passenger with around 100 crews. (read more..)

KUA Relief Team in SAIPAN.
With the collective efforts of the Kosrae Utilities Authority, CNMI Homeland Security, and the National and State Government, a team of four certified linemen landed in Saipan on August 29th 2015.
The four linemen will be assisting the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the recovery efforts in the wake of Typhoon Soudelor which struck Saipan earlier this month. The typhoon has left the entire island without power and water.
The four lineman team will be meeting with CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management and CUC management with regards to the necessary arrangements and logistics.

The following individuals comprise the KUA Team:

• Gifford Sigrah, PLT Certified Lead Lineman
• Ronald Albert, ​PLT Certified Lineman
• Ronny George, ​PLT Certified Lineman​
• George George​, PLT Certified Lineman

Also teaming up with the Kosraen linemen are other certified lineman throughout the FSM. 
We wish them and the people of Saipan all the best.

to read Sustainable energy industry project click on picture below.
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